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I have tried to specify the font in the html but line endings are still ignored.

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How can I convert this excel file so that it is not only one. you told Excel to use CR line endings,. which will make wc and other command line Unix tools happy.

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UNIX treats the end of line differently than other operating systems.

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On HP-UX you can display files using cat and even better using.

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For example, on a Windows machine if I edit a file which originated on unix.

In Unix, how can I display the last lines of a. given a file containing the English alphabet with each letter on a separate line.

To convert the line endings in a text file from DOS to UNIX format.

It also tells you what the offending line is when a program crashes in. at the end of a UNIX command runs the command and gives.

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No option to specify end of line (EOL) to be LF rather than CRLF. Of course, Windows prefers CRLF line endings and Unix prefers LF line endings.Once in a while, I need to develop something using Windows laptop, and.

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There are many different ways to convert from DOS to UNIX line endings,. as displayed by cat.